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Question & Answers about Mr. Mike's Swimming Lessons

How does Mr. Mike handle a class of 20 children learning to swim and ensure their safety at all times?

Although Mr. Mike teaches classes that have a commitment of at least 20 children, he NEVER teaches them all at the same time. The days he teaches are broken up into 10 minute sessions. One child at a time is in the pool with Mr. Mike. Each child is in the water for 10 minutes. This way, each child is able to receive individual attention.

Do we, as parents, stay for the lesson and do we get in the pool?

Yes, it is important and fun to watch your child learn a life lesson. Only when requested by Mr. Mike will one or both parents be allowed in the pool. If asked to participate, it would usually be during the later part of the lesson schedule.

What does my child need for the lessons?

A swimsuit and a towel is all that is needed. No flotation devices, as they create bad habits by helping to be vertical and keeping the face out of the water. Please do not send masks, goggles, etc. No food or drink at least 2 hours before the lesson. No meat, no dairy, no milk, no cheese, no yogurt, no eggs 5 hours prior to any lesson. Applesauce (without sugar) is fine anytime.

What if my child cries?

Relax and understand that almost 100% of the children cry initially. It will stop in most cases in 2 or 3 sessions. Children use crying as a manipulation in every aspect of their early years.

Will my child learn to swim in seven lessons?

Yes, without a question. Some will learn faster and better than others. Your child will learn to swim in 1 or 2 sessions and the remaining sessions will build confidence. Do not compare your child's ability in any area of education, least of all swimming.

What if my child cries and says that he/she doesn't want to swim?

First of all, do not ask your child to make that type of choice. You, as the parent/guardian know what is best (i.e. you don't ask if they want to go to the doctor, school, etc.). Swimming is a life skill and a very necessary one, to say the least.

What makes this method work?

It works because it is a no-nonsense approach that is time-tested for over 50 years with over 100,000 students learning to swim. Remember, Mr. Mike is in control of all aspects of the learning experience for both students and parents.

When do I pay? What does it cost?

Payable the first day. Make your check payable to Mr Mike Swim LLC and please put your child's name on your check in the memo line. The fee for the seven sessions of instruction is $675.00 per child.

How long is the program?

The program consists of 7 sessions over 3½ days. Each child receives one-on-one instruction in the pool with Mr. Mike for 10 minutes twice a day for the first three days. The last session on the fourth day is a 45 minute group lesson where the parents are in the water with Mr. Mike and their children.

How old does a child have to be to participate?

Mr. Mike teaches children 2 years and older.

What can parents do prior to the lessons to help prepare children for the program?

Parents can practice breath control with the children during bath time to help them prepare for the swim program. Since breath control is the first thing the children need to learn to feel comfortable putting their head down in the water, parents can have them practice taking a breath out of the water and then put their face in the bath tub. Make it into a game where the children hold their breath for a few seconds and the parent counts to 3, then the next time to 4, and then the next time to 5.

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